Our Fiber Processing Services:
RAW or WASHED FLEECE ( Cost includes picking, carding and teasing )
* BATTS ARE 9 inches wide by 24 inches long *
3 POUND MINIMUM ( We do proccess smaller amounts )
Washing fleece charge: $ 9.00 a lb based on Incoming weight.
All prices below are on incoming weight only.

Carding into batts - $ 16.00 a pound
Carding into blended batts - $ 16.00 a pound ( Only 1 pass of blended fibers )
Carding into rovings for spinning - $ 19.00 a pound
Carding into clouds /bumps - $  19.00 a pound

SPUN SERVICES ( Cost includes- Skirting, picking, Washing, Carding )
Spinning services is in your choice of a skein or rolled into balls. 
( Rolling into cones will be coming soon ).
3 POUND MINIMUM ( We do process smaller amounts )
2 or 3 ply yarn. ( Bulky - $ 30.00 per lb, Worsted,Thick and Thin, Coiled $ 40.00 per lb, Sport $ 55.00 per lb
Fingering - $ 75.00 per lb, Lace $ 100.00 per lb, Funky Art Yarn - $ 60.00 per lb, Tailspun & Extreme $ 85.00 per lb.
Processed Fiber Charges - Bulky $ 20.00 a lb, Worsted, Thick and Thin,Coiled - $ 30.00 per lb, Fingering
$ 70.00 a lb, Lace $ 90.00 per lb, Art Yarn $ 55.00 a lb, Tailspun - $ 80.00 per lb.

OTHER SERVICES: 3 POUND MINIMUM ( we do process smaller amounts )

DYE HOUSE SERVICES ( Cost includes dyeing ) If you send in raw fibers there will be processing charges... See above for price list. We can dye your natural fibers into 60 different vivid colors. 

Raw Fibers ( You send in your fleece and we will dye it up for you, we will return your dry fleece in dye form for you to card and prepare into rovings. If you send in Raw Unclean fiber, there will be a Processing charges see above price list. 

Solid Dye Color - $ 10.00per pound
Two or Three Color Combo - $20.00 per pound
Handpainting - $ 30.00 per pound

Examples of how much it costs to process your fiber.Processing alpaca fiber can be a complete win win for you.  Here is how this can help your business grow and help the alpaca industry.

Lets say you send The Fiber Mill a alpaca fleece that weighs 5.1 pounds ( incoming weight ) You want it processed into yarn balls with a label.
After I sort, and pick out VM ( vegetable matter ) and process that fleece.
The blanket and neck yielded approx 600 yards of yarn balls.
You sell that yarn for lets say $ 14.00 a ball.
You have 20 balls of yarn.
Processing charge ( incoming weight ) 20 balls out of 5.1 lbs of fleece
The processing charge would be $ 117.30 for 2 ply 20 balls of yarn.
* Remember all fleece weighs differently, this is an example only *
So now to figure your profit...
You want to sell your yarn for $ 14.00 a ball
$14.00 x 20 balls =  $ 280.00
- $ 117.30 ( processing )
This price can be more or less depending on incoming weight of yarn.
You also need to figure in Shipping and Handling Charges

So if you have 4 ALPACAS with the same incoming weight and all spun into yarn
Then that is $ 650.80 Profit

Now with that yarn you can make the following for even more profit.
* These are depending on things we have handmade and how much yarn it took us *
These can change depending on what pattern you use.
1 - Alpaca Wrap takes 4 - 50 gram balls of yarn.
You then can take that wrap and sell it for $ 70 - $ 100.00
4 Baby Alpaca  hats - 2 - 50 gram balls of yarn
You can then take those Baby Alpaca hats and sell them for $ 36.00 ea
1 Medium Alpaca Hat and Scarf Set takes 5 - 50 gram balls of yarn
You then take that Hat and Scarf set and sell them for $ 60.00 or more
* Now If your yarn is made out of Baby Alpaca fiber then your sell prices go higher then those listed above *

Your fiber can be processed, unwashed, washed, carded, skeined and spun, or made into something very special.
Another food for Thought, with us being a small mill, the fiber you send us isn't combined with any other fiber or any other alpaca. What you get back either carded or spun is from your own animal.   Larger mills process your fiber with others so you don't get your own alpaca back.
That is why smaller mills are on the rise!!!! 
We accept payments with via paypal.  If you would like more information regarding our services please contact us at either of the following. Thank you.

Ph# 352-397-6825
Email: woodlandhillsalpacas@tampabay.rr.com
Paca purses by Shannon
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Alpaca Felt Hats - made by Kimberly
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2 or 3 ply yarn
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We have over 70 dyesTwo or Three Colors   Handpainting effect
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