I decided to get into Alpacas after 3 1/2 years of research.  It all started with a television commercial. At first we wondered what is an alpaca".  We have to go see these things.  We first got the magazine and visited  websites. Then sooner or later visited a few farms.  We were so taken by the gentleness and love these animals give you. I loved their big eyes and how they were so curious.

What I loved most was the breeders we met, they were just so nice and patient with our endless questions. On caring, husbandry, birthing crias and more.  So with alot of talking and planning,  we bought alpacas.   We got the land cleared, and grass growing, barn built. Then our beautiful alpacas arrived and they were just so sweet.  They were curious as ever, followed us around. Plus let us give them treats.

Part of me was excited, then scared. I never owned an alpaca before and cared for them. I always had horses,  I was shocked how easy alpacas were to care for. There are a few things a new alpaca owner needs to know, because they require different care then a horse.  The book that helped me tremendously is a Bible for all Alpaca Owners.  The Camelid Companion by Marty McGee.  She is amazing! Once we read and understood the alpaca species and started thinking like an alpaca. We got it, and our relationship with our alpacas has just been priceless. We truly love our alpacas.  

About me: Always have had a passion for animals all my life and was a exotic bird breeder since 1996 . While I was breeding birds and raising our family, decided to go to school and graduate as Vet Technician and a Certified Animal Specialist. Loved it so much, went back to school to add four years of Animal Science under my belt.  Have to admit that since I am a computer nerd and have no problem admitting it.  Love to dabble in graphic design, from websites, business cards, logos etc. We are licensed by the state to own exotic animals.  My whole life as always had animals in it and have gained lots of experience with breeding, dogs, birds and horses. While having experience in the pet industry, always strived to be honest and to always put over 100% of myself in everything that I do.   Totally love people and could talk with people all day pertaining to anything animal & fiber related.

About our family: Before we got into alpacas we took our children with us for a few farm visits.  We wanted to see how they reacted with these beautiful animals.  We were not surprised how they took to Alpacas with ease.  We were so excited that they were going to embrace this journey with us.  Our children liked that the alpacas were safe to be around.  Plus they are able to walk them with halters and attend shows.  Our older son who is special needs finds that the alpacas calm him.  Each one of our children takes a special part in raising our alpacas.  We are truly blessed!

We look forward to growing with all of you!
God Bless and Many Blessings,
Kimberly Buchy and Family

About us & our journey into the wonderful world of alpacas!