Testimonials and References
Please enjoy reading what folks are saying about us, our farm, products and our   fiber services
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Fiber Processing Customer
fast, knowledge on fiber is great, beautiful yarn and felted items.
Griffonwood Alpacas
Bill and Sherry Leslie

Fiber Processing Customer
beautiful work comes out of this girl.
Moontide Alpacas
Brett and Cassie Jesse
Spinning Class Customer Testimony
Billie F.
I had a blast, Instruction/Instructor was awesome, she is very knowledgeable.....

Spinning Class Customer Testimony
Jay D. with Brand Alpacas
Jay commented:
It was awesome! Kim is wonderful as a teacher - she has so much
patience. I would recommend her to anyone.

Spinning Class Customer
Robbie W. w/ Alpaca Mac Farm

Felting Class & Dye Workshop Customer
Claudia H.

Fiber Processing Customer
Jean R. w/ Alpaca Magic USA
Doreen said, Kim your amazing, the yarn and batts you did for us are just gorgeous....

Fiber Processing Customer
Daniel and Marcia M. w/ Breath of Heaven Alpacas
Yarn was so beautiful, nicely presented, skeined with large yards.

Spinning Class Customer
Renee M.
Dear Kimberly,
Well, I am back in Chicago and thinking about what a lovely time I had with you last week. Such fun! I wanted to thank you again for being so generous and also giving me my first spinning lesson. I have been telling everyone about it.Thanks Renee

Simply the best thing I ever read. WOW!
June 2010
To the greatest gift of my life... my beautiful daughter Kimberly,
I wish you could see yourself from my eyes, because if you could, this is what you would see.

One of the strongest individuals on this earth.

Someone who is NOT weakened by the challenges of life, but learns, grows and is strengthened by them.

Not only are you naturally beautiful inside and out, you are a person who follows her truth, not someone else's.

A supportive, caring, loving person, with a sweet smile and petite structure, that when necessary can turn into a powerhouse of strength to protect her family and her loved ones.

A funny person who is so much fun to be around.

Endless creativity.

A talent of turning anything you touch into success.

The loyalist of friends, you have a special gift without even trying of making people so comfortable around you.

I love you so very much.

You make me so proud.


Farm Visitor
Hi Kim:
Please accept my apology in delay in gettng a proper "thank you" sent off to you after Betty and I visited last week.
With that said, we so enjoyed our time over there at your farm. You were so gracious to take time out of your very busy schedule to show us around, educate us and answer or endless  amount of questions.
We are hooked! I loved the animals and what you can do with the fleece and spinning and Betty couldn't believe the feel of the yarn. She loved the animals too of course. It is clear that you a truly living out the passion that God has placed in your hearts and lives and ha enable both you, your husband and family the ability to do so. What a blessing.
It was a blessing to me and Betty both to witness firsthand the fruits of your labors.

Again, thanks so very much for the tour and time you spent with us last week. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Demonstration Viewer
Tracy W.
Hello Kimberly,

I had wanted very much to visit with you this summer and do the spinning wheel thing, but, I am finding that my days are now very limited.  It seems something else comes across my plate wanting my attention. 
I sure enjoyed your presentation, though, with the wheels in June.  You make it so easy and delightful to spin.  It will be more of a priority at some point in my life!!!
The best to you and yours.
Tracy W.

Spinning Customer
Kim is a wonderful instructor.  She is patient, creative and filled with incredible enthusiasm.  Spending time with her is very energizing.  Only wish she was closer.

Alicia C.
Luna Bella Alpaca Ranch
Spinning Customer
Kim,Adding alpacas to our life was one of the most wonderful changes imagined.  Over the last several years, we have learned to love these beautiful animals for their charm and personality.  Each new cria is an adventure!  The alpaca lifestyle is rewarding beyond words.  BUT something was still missing.

After several years of shearing annually, I had a closet full of fleece.  I occasionally had some made into yarn and sold it to knitters who appreciated all the wonderful qualities that alpaca fiber has to offer.  My real problem was that I had no real personal appreciation for the true wonder of owning alpaca fleece!  I didn’t knit or crochet, so what could I do?  Then I caught the weaving bug at the Handweaver’s Guild Convergence in Tampa.  I bought a 72” Cranbrook Countermarche loom and taught myself to weave.  I have added 2 more looms and now teach weaving at our local yarn shop.

Still, there was much more to learn about alpaca fleece.  I wanted to learn all of it from shearing to the shawl.  Enter Kim Buchy and her extensive knowledge of fiber from start to finish.  WOW!

Thank you, Kim, for your patience in explaining each step.  Every time I visit your fiber mill, I learn a bit more about the process of turning my alpaca fleece into a real product.  My new adventure is learning to spin.  Your lesson was wonderful.  You made it look so effortless.  My questions during and after class were answered with grace and tact even when my first yarn attempts were such disasters.  Now with your guidance and practice, the yarn is better with each turn of the spindle.

Your cottage mill is a blessing to our part of Florida.  I am thrilled to now have a fiber expert so close to make beautiful art yarn from my suri fleece.   It is wonderful to have grey suri yarn that I can proudly advertise as 100% Florida suri!  I know that suri fleece presents a special challenge to spin, but you have certainly delivered with amazing yarn.

Sheila T.
Sun Spiced Alpacas

Spinning Customer
Did you ever meet someone passionate about teaching? That's Kim.

She is passionate about all things "alpaca". Great teacher - very patient, kind, considerate, knowledgeable, and willing to share her know-how.

I met Kim at a state gathering of alpaca owners in Jacksonville, Fl and liked her immediately. She always has a smile on her face and wants to help you. I spoke with her about learning to spin and decided then and there I would take classes from her. I have enjoyed my time in class and have learned alot from Kim. She is a 1 1/2 hour drive from me but it is worth every minute getting there. I plan to take more classes and hope that you will join us at Kim's.

Carol B., Dunedin, Fl
Farm Visitor & Product Customer
Hi Kim!
It was great meeting you
Thank you  SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for the wonderful visit...I loved it!

Kim M. Floral City, FL
Alpaca Friend for Life. & Product Customer
Hi Kim,
You are so awesome! The lady came to see my farm Saturday and has agreed to lease it! thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!
She is a very sweet lady and this is a GodSend to me. S

Thanks again!
Fiber Friend for Life. & Product Customer
Dear Kim!

It has now been a year since I took my very first spinning lesson with you, time flies! I want to take this time to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! Your friendly and calm approach to teaching helped me to relax and enjoy my first spinning lesson. I really appreciated your patience and persistence while I was learning to coordinate what my hands and feet can now so skillfully accomplish. Since then I have spent countless pleasurable hours at my spinning wheel turning all kinds of wonderful fiber into beautiful yarns. Spinning has renewed my interest in knitting and crochet because now I can create that perfect yarn to complete my project. I no longer have to settle for what is available in yarn or craft stores. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and passing on to me your love for the art of spinning! Keep on teaching, so others can experience this relaxing and joyous art.

Wishing you continued success, your friend always!

Donna M.
Meredith Meadows Fiberware
Farm Visitor
I had a super great time at your farm today, sizing up your alpacas and I particularly enjoyed listening to you talk about them and the Fleece.  Fleece is where it's at with Alpacas, nothing but the Fleece.  I have not yet had a chance to review your folder, thank you so much, you have gone beyond the call of duty.  I must find a way to repay you for your kindness. 

Your lesson on Fleece was most enlightening,interesting....will not make a move into the Alpaca world without you...thanks again for a wonderful educational afternoon.

Although brief , I enjoyed meeting your two wonderful children, sorry I could not stay any longer to meet your third child.As it was I had another long slowt journey back home.
God Bless to the humans and the animals on the Buchy Farm
Your friendship is a blessing

Joe 'C'

Fiber 101 Seminar Attendee
I'd like to again Thank you for the stellar information that you shared with our pen sale attendees! Handouts, examples and great descriptions were very helpful.

My greatest appreciation
Brenda C.
Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch

Farm Visitor
Dear Kimberly & Mike
Thank you so much for sharing your time and animals with me. I so enjoyed my time with you. I feel I learned a lot, and so want to get moving for my own herd. Thanks again,

Ann G.